Sure Word


The history of the UK clearly points us to the fact that Britain has her foundation in God. Days were when Britain was a missionary nation. They took Christianity to other lands, but I dare say we live in a day when other people must remind Britain of her Christian background. CAN A PEOPLE CHANGE THEIR GOD? This is the question we must answer! The answer, I venture to say, will explain the various societal headaches this nation is experiencing. It is obvious that legislating against age-long societal problems has failed. The wisdom of international solutions has vastly compounded issues instead of helping .

Where do we go from here, you ask? Back to God! We have long since turned our backs on God choosing to do things our way. Can you see where this has brought us? Our thoughts and ways are truly so far apart from His. Let’s return to God, Britain, so sanity can once again be found in our fabric. True love, the God kind of love, is the only tested solution to humanity’s problems. We can only fall in love with God because He first loved us and when we do, then and only then can we genuinely love one another. The world needs a fresh baptism of Agape – the God kind of love. It starts with an honest desire to walk with God